суббота, 2 октября 2010 г.

Nihau from China

We are near railway station in Shenyang. We already take tickets to
Beijing. Before we hitch-hiking. Now it we start to spend our small
money). And i am very interesting in electro-bicycle. There are a lot
of here, and they have price from 999 yan to 3500. I am thinking about
buy one and go by this.
It is very hard to use intertet here because in internet club usually
need ID card. Better to find internet in other places, were u do not
neeed to pay).
People usually very helpfull and now one guy give us him ID card and
we use internet).

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Ура)) Вышли на связь))
Вы ведь можете писать английскими буквали, но на русском))))Вам ведь проще изьясняться будет. еще , я знаю есть электронная клавиатура))
не готовте и не кушайте ядовитых рыб)))

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